Upper jaw advancement surgery for correction of cleft associated midface retrusion

Here at Richardsons Dental and Craniofacial centre, we strongly endorse the correction of any facial deformity at any age, provided the treatment method so allows. 

Gomez is a 35 year old man from Goa who has been living with a tell-tale kind of flat midface that is seen in patients treated for cleft lip and palate. Although he has been unhappy with his facial appearance, he did not think of getting it corrected. Recently he found out about a kind of treatment for this problem that can be corrected in adulthood with as good results as would be true for a younger age group.

He came to us last month motivated to bring a change to his face. A Cone Beam CT scan was done for him to plan the treatment. It was decided to perform an Anterior Maxillary Distraction procedure which can be done at any age group, is safe and gives very stable results.This procedure would bring the upper jaw forward by way of new bone deposition in the upper jaw. No bone graft would be required.His appliance was fabricated and cemented to his upper jaw. Next day, the surgery was performed by the expert surgical team comprising Dr.Sunil Richardson(Cleft and Craniofacial surgeon), assisted by Dr.Shreya Krishna and Dr.Avi Bansal, Maxillofacial surgeons. The jaw advancement which is effected by turning of screw in the appliance was started on the fourtday and continued for a week. His facial balance has been corrected and he feels great about having made the decision to undergo this treatment. He would be called after a month or so for removal of the appliance.


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