Lion facies

A patient came to Richardson dental and craniofacialhospital with a chief complaint of huge/enlarged face. On the 1st clinical presentation it was diagnosed by the team of hospital doctors headed by Dr Sunil Richardson as a case of LION FACE (Leontiasis ossea).

Lion face is a disease which have many causes in which the face gives the appearance of lion. This is a very rare deformity and involves all the three subdivisions of the face. His sister also had same complaint and was treated elsewhere,although she was dissatisfied with her result.Then they came to know of  Dr.Sunil Richardson who efficiently treats all facial dysharmonies. The team of doctors did the necessary blood investigations, cbct and scans. A facial mollage was made for the face of the patient to replicate a model of his face and for better planning of the surgery.

The planned treatment was done as cosmetic shaving of the face in a sequential way. In the 1st operation nose, frontal bone and midface were shaved and in the next operation his lower face will be shaved. No incisions were placed on the face,all were hidden  within the scalp and mouth.

Patient is already very much satisfied with his face and is having no post operative complications. 


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